Specialists in Securitization
Saber Partners, LLC
260 Madison Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY  10016
Contact: Joseph S. Fichera
Email: jfichera@saberpartners.com

Energy Efficiency, Renewable energy, Program Review, Expert Testimony, Energy Policy Impacts, Smart Grid Deployment and Implementation Policies, EPA 111(d)
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC)
128 Lakeside Ave., Suite 401
Burlington, VT 05401
Contact: Joananne Bachman
Website: www.veic.org
Email: jbachmann@veic.org

Rate Cases, Affiliate Transactions, Management Audits, Telecom Universal Service Funds
Ostrander Consulting
1121 S.W. Chetopa Trail
Topeka, KS 66615
Contact: Bion Ostrander
(785) 478-9099
FAX: (785) 478-9399
E-mail: bionostrander@cox.net

Transmission Planning; Non-Transmission Alternatives; FERC Order 1000; Energy, Capacity and Environmental Attribute Markets Analysis; Resource Planning; Storm Cost Recovery; Renewable Energy; Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity
Daymark Energy Advisors
One Washington Mall, Fl 9
Boston, MA 02108
Contact: Marc Montalvo
Email: mmontalvo@daymarkea.com
Website: www.daymarkea.com

Enhancing Consumer Value (smart grid; DSM; DG/Net Metering; performance measurement)
Wired Group
PO Box 150963
Lakewood, CO 80215
Contact: Paul Alvarez
Website: www.wiredgroup.net; www.utilityevaluator.com

Adjustment Clauses for Water and Wastewater expenses
Tracker Mechanisms and Pass-Through Surcharges for Electric, Gas and Water Utilities
Infrastructure Replacement Programs for Electric and Gas Utilities
Transmission Formula Rates, Performance Based Regulation
Rate Case Proceedings, Affiliated Transactions, Certificate of Needs, (Electric and Oil Pipelines) Review of Initial Costs related to Customer Information Systems, Margins Allowed on Non-Energy Operations
PCMG and Associates
22 Brooks Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Contact: Dr. Karl R. Pavlovic
(202) 422-2720
E-mail:         kpavlovic@pcmgregcon.com
Contact; Dr. Marlon Griffing
(651) 236-7970
E-mail:         mgriffing@pcmgregcon.com
Contact: Dante Mugrace
(201) 320-7781
E-mail:         dmugrace@pcmgregcon.com
Website:      www.pcmgregcon.com

Rate Cases, Affiliate Transactions, Management Audits, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Energy Policy Impacts, Smart Grid Deployment and Implementation, Resource Planning, Fuel Cost Recovery, Riders & Trackers, Performance Based Regulation, Infrastructure Replacement Surcharges, Generating Plant Retirements, Transmission Planning & Siting, Rate of Return / Capital Structure, and Depreciation Studies.
Brubaker and Associates Inc. (BAI)
16690 Swingley Ridge Road
Suite 140
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Contact: Greg Meyer
Phone: (636) 898-6725
Fax: (636) 898-6726
Email: gmeyer@consultbai.com

Environment and Climate (incl. Clean Power Plan analysis), Resource Planning, Energy Efficiency and Demand Response, Utility Regulation, Electric System and Economic Modeling, Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation, Energy and Capacity Markets, Transmission and Distribution
Synapse Energy Economics
485 Massachusetts Avenue
Suite 3
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 661-3248
FAX: (617) 661-0599
Email: marketing@syanpse-energy.com
Website: www.synapse-energy.com

Utility Management Audits, Revenue Requirement, General Rate Cases, Cost Recovery Mechanisms, Affiliate Transactions and Fuel Cost Recovery
Larkin & Associates, PLLC
15728 Farmington Road
Livonia, MI 48154
Contact: Hugh Larkin, Jr.
(734) 522-3420
FAX: 734-522-1410
E-Mail: HLarkinJR@aol.com

Revenue Requirements/Rate Cases
Ramas Regulatory Consulting, LLC
4654 Driftwood Drive
Commerce Township, MI 48382
Contact: Donna Ramas
Email: DonnaRamas@aol.com