Petition of Tennessee-American Water Company for Approval of the Establishment of a Regulatory Asset; Docket No.20-00126
November 16, 2020

Order Extending the suspension of disconnects until August 10th (the next Commission Conference)

Staff issued a Data Request on June 30th

The Tennessee Commission canceled its April Conference and two upcoming rule-making hearings.  It is unclear what will happen with upcoming scheduled hearing dates due to uncertainties related to COVID19.  Filing deadlines for on-going dockets have not been delayed or postponed.  We currently make filings electronically and are required to send a paper file when possible. The Consumer Advocate filed an Emergency Petition seeking the suspension of disconnects.  The Commission held an emergency hearing the same week as the filing and used WebEx but participants were given the call-in number for the WebEx.  The Commission says it is working on how it will move forward with hearings but it has not yet provided any details.  Parties are taking a closer look at whether matters can be settled or for dockets that can be submitted to the Commission for a decision based upon the record.

Actions taken by the Commissioner during the COVID19 outbreak 

Petition submitted by the Consumer Advocate Unit of the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office