Missouri American Water Order

Accounting Deferral Agreement

Missouri Order Approving Accounting Deferral Agreement

Murray Rebuttal Testimony on Equity Risk Premium

Rebuttal Testimony of Geoff Marke Submitted on Behalf of the Office of the Public Counsel

Missouri Public Service Commission -Rebuttal Testimony of Roger Colton on Behalf of the National Housing Trust

Application and Motion for the American Water Company for an Accounting Authority Order Authorizing It To Defer and Accumulate Costs and Financial Impacts Related to COVID-19

Motion to Terminate Working Docket or Staff Request for Commission Order-Best Practices for Recovery of Past Due Utility Customer Payments After the COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency
Appendix A – Utilities
Appendix B – Non-Utilities

Missouri COVID Deferral Filing

2020-0356 Order Creating Repository File Regarding Post-COVID-19 Payment of Past Due Amounts