Press Release- SCC Utility Service Cut-off Moratorium Will End on October 5; Governor Requested Extension from September 16th
September 15, 2020

Press Release- SCC Utility Service Cut-off Moratorium to End September 16 Except for Customers in Extended Payment Plans; Other Customer Protections Remain
August 24, 2020

Press Release- SCC Extends Ban on Utility Service Cut-offs to August 31
Allows Utilities to Offer Extended Payment Plans with No Late Fees or Reconnection Charges

Virginia Governor’s Executive Order Declaring a State of Emergency

3/13/20 – VA OAG Petition for Emergency Order Suspending Service Disconnections

3/16/20 – VA SCC Order Suspending Disconnections

4/6/20 – VA OAG Reply to Responses to Emergency Petition

4/9/20 – VA SCC Order Extending Suspension of Service Disconnections

Deferral order for COVID related expenses

4/14/20- In the matter of Adopting Revisions to the Rules Governing Credit for Reinsurance

4/29/20-VA SCC Authority to Create Regulatory Asset-“The Commission emphasizes that this Order is solely for accounting purposes and has no ratemaking impact. Such expenses may be addressed in future ratemaking proceedings to the extent relevant thereto.”