Minnesota PUC COVID-19 Information Page

 PUC Order Allowing Utilities to Resume Disconnections Aug. 2

The PUC has issued the written order from its hearing back in June. There’s a prohibition on disconnections, fees, and negative credit reporting during the state of emergency and at least 60 days afterward. In addition, utilities have to do monthly reporting so that we can quickly see if there are increases in arrearages, if they’re not getting currently shut-off customers back online, etc. This order applies only to regulated utilities.

May 22, 2020-Minnesota Public Utilities Commission – Order on Deferred Accounting for COVID-19

Minnesota does not have a statewide policy regarding utility service and disconnections during COVID-19.

The PUC and Dept. of Commerce jointly requested that utilities voluntarily extend Cold Weather Rule protections during the emergency, waive late fees that residential and small business incur because of COVID-19, and arrange payment plans with customers. PUC Docket 20-375 includes utilities’ responses to this request and an ongoing comment period.

The Citizens Utility Board of Minnesota is tracking utility responses to the state’s request for voluntary action as well as additional policies or statements from utilities: http://cubminnesota.org/minnesota-utilities-suspending-disconnections-during-covid-19/.

Utilities have requested authorization to track expenses resulting from the effects of COVID-19 and record and defer such expenses into a regulatory asset: Docket 20-427.