Cannot disconnect service for non-payment of bill or fees where a customer has entered into a payment plan and has made payments in accordance of the terms of the payment plan

Consumers may file a written complaint with OPC and PSC if they are denied a payment plan.

For more details on the bill’s provisions, click on the link to see a copy of the bill. Go to section 308 pg. 37

GD2020-01, In the Matter of the Establishment of Regulatory Assets For COVID-19 Related Incremental Costs, Order No. 20329

Emergency Motion to Stay Procedural Schedule

The COVID-19 Response Emergency Amendment Act of 2020 B23-0718, among other things, prohibits disconnection of electric, gas and water services for non-payment of a bill or fees during a public health emergency or 15 calendar days thereafter. (Section 305 pg. 9)

The COVID-19 Response Supplemental Emergency Amendment Act of 2020 B23-0733 among many things, prohibits a telecommunications service providers from disconnecting, suspending or degrading basic service for non-payment or fees for service equipment or other charges for non-payment during the public health emergency or 15 calendar days thereafter. It also bars shutoffs by all cable and internet service providers. (Section 204 Utilities. Pg. 17)