The NASUCA Officers are elected by the membership each year at the Annual Meeting held in November. Officers serve one-year terms, but there is no term limitation. The President traditionally serves two consecutive one-year terms. Executive Committee members are also elected at the Annual Meeting, when a slate of all Committee members is offered for approval. There is no limit to the number of consecutive years a member can serve. NASUCA standing and ad-hoc committee chairs are appointed by the President when a chair position is vacated.



Michael Moody, President
Michigan Department of Attorney General
(517) 335-7627



Tom Content, Vice President
Wisconsin Citizens Utility Board
(608) 251-3322



Patrick Cicero, Treasurer
Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate
(717) 783-5048



Cindy Schonhaut, Secretary
Colorado Office of Consumer Counsel
(303) 894-2121



Executive Committee

Michele Beck (UT),(801) 530-6674,
William Fine (IN), (317) 233-3552,
Clay Layson (AR), (501) 682-1321
David Lapp (MD), (410) 333-3616
Karen Stachowski (TN), (615)-741-3756
David Nickel (KS), (785) 271-3200