Order 37506-Extending Suspension of Termination or Disconnection of Regulated Utility services Due to Non-Payment and/or Assessment of other charges through March 31, 2021 Establishing Utility reporting Requirements and opening a repository Docket and Setting forth the next steps for transition planning
December 22, 2020

Consumer Advocates Recommendations to the Public Utility Commission
December 9, 2020

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission’s most recent order that extends the moratorium of involuntary service disconnections for non-payment to the end of the year
August 24, 2020

Letter filed from the Division of Consumer Advocacy Department of Commence and Consumer Affair asking the Commission that certain consumer protections be adopted as part of the disconnection moratorium
August 25, 2020

Order No. 37252 allowing Kauai Island Utility Cooperative to accrue lost gross margins
July 31, 2020

Press Release by the Hawaiian Electric Companies re: possible sources of financial assistance for bill payment
July 28, 2020

Commission Order No. 37125 Addressing the Consumer Advocate’s Request for Suspension of Termination or Disconnection of Regulated Utility Services Due to Non-Payment and/or Assessment of Other Charges During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Division of Consumer Advocacy’s Letter Regarding Commission Investigation to Address COVID-19 Impacts on Consumers and Regulated Companies

Docket No. 2020-0069 Hawaiian Electric’s Application for Approval to Defer Costs Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency

Young Brothers Transmittal No. 20-0003 For Approval Of Emergency Changes To Its Sailing Schedule

Order No. 37046 Regarding Penalties for Motor Carrier Annual Filings and Annual Financial Reports

COVID-19 Updates for Utility Customers.

Statement from Hawaii Public Utilities Commission on COVID-19 Emergency