2012 Mid-Year Meeting

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2012 NASUCA Mid-Year Meeting
Doubletree Guest Suites Historic Charleston
Charleston, South Carolina
June 24th – 26th

Final Meeting Agenda

Resolutions Passed
2012-01 Retention of Traditional Regulatory Oversight of all Voice Telephone Services

2012-02 Urging the FCC to Retain “Legacy” Regulations and Affirm State Authority to Enact and Enforce COLR and ETC Obligations

2012-03 Supporting the Adoption of Federal Universal Service Support Contribution Mechanisms that ensure all Carriers and Services that Benefit from High Cost USF Contribute to their program’s Funding Base.

2012-04 Urging the Adoption of State Laws & Regulations Regulating Competitive Energy Supply Markets, including Measures Designed to Promote Honesty & Clarity in Marketing & to give Consumers a Reasonable Ability to Select a Competing Provider

2012-05 Urging the EPA to Establish Compliance Timeframes that Provide Sufficient Time for Utilities and State Commissions to Consider Appropriate Responses so as to Avoid Rate Shock to Electric Utility Customers

2012-06 Expressing Appreciation for the Work of the Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation of the US Senate Regarding the Cramming of Unauthorized Charges onto Consumer Phone Bills & Supporting S. 3291 the “fair Telephone Billing Act of 2012”

Meeting Presentations

June 25th
Order 1000 & Beyond -Implications of Electric Transmission Expansion for Consumer Advocates
American Electric Power

Mario Hurtado – Clean Line Energy Partners

Issues and Ramifications Arising From the FCC’s Connect America Fund Order Affecting High Cost Universal Service and Intercarrier Compensation
Bob Loube – Rolka, Loube, Saltzer Associates

The Price & Practicalities of a Cleaner Generation Fleet-Real World Impacts of the EPA’s New Coal Regulations
Joseph Goffman – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Jim Lazar – Regulatory Assistance Project
Bruce Biewald – Synapse Energy Economics, inc.
Gary Helm – PJM Interconnection

Home Energy Usage Reports: Does Increased Feedback Lead to Significant Energy Reductions and Reduced Costs?
Michael Li – U.S. Department of Energy
Jeff Loiter – Optimal Energy, Inc.

June 26th
The Impacts of the FCC’s Lifeline Reform Order
Trent Harkrader – Federal Communications Commission
Oliva Wein – National Consumer Law Center

Privacy of Home Energy Usage Data: Protecting Consumers and Giving them the Tools with which to Protect Themselves
Aryeh Fishman – Edison Electric Institute
Brent Struthers – Neustar
Jim Williams – Ohio Office of Consumer Counsel
Ricky Gratz – Maryland Office of People’s Counsel

Natural Gas Utility Distribution Pipeline Infrastructure Replacement Programs
Frank Radigan – Hudson River Energy Group
Alexander Cochis – LaCapra

Useful Information
Below are Links to the RAP Publications that were distributed at the meeting.

Incorporating Environmental Costs in Electric Rates: Working to Ensure Affordable Compliance with Public Health and Environmental Regulations

Preparing for EPA Regulations: Working to Ensure Reliable and Affordable Environmental Compliance

Revenue Regulation and Decoupling: A Guide to Theory and Application

Electricity Regulation in the US: A Guide

Clean First: Aligning Power Sector Regulation with Environmental and Climate Goals

RAP has a host of other publications as well, so I would recommend that NASUCANS visit our webpage, www.Raponline.org for a list of other publications.

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