2011 Annual Meeting

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Renaissance Grand
November 13 – 16
St. Louis, Missouri

Resolutions Passed at the Meeting
State Capacity Resolution 2011-6
Robo-Call Resolution 2011-7
Energy Privacy Resolution 2011-8

Sunday, November 13th

Transmission Workshop
Lauren Azar
Kevin Kelly

Monday, November 14th

Financial Aspects of Feed-in Tariff and Purchase Power Agreements
Aaron Rothschild
Judy Chang

Alternative Ruled Vehicles: The Impact on Ratepayers an Utilities
Michele Beck
Dale Pennington

Broadband or Bust at the FCC: Forward-Looking Telecom Reform, or The Great Telecom Robbery of 2011
Bob Loube

Tuesday Novmber 15th

The Need for Consumer Protection in Retail Energy Marketing: Should Competitive Gas and Electric Suppliers Be Regulated and If So, How?
Barbara Alexander
Peter Saar
Clare McGuire
Janice Dale

Final Agenda

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