2009 Mid-Year Meeting

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2009 NASUCA Mid-Year Meeting
Hilton Boston Financial District
June 28 – 30
Boston, Massachusetts

Meeting Presentations

Monday, June, 29th

“Consumer Protection for Telecom Consumers in the 21st Century: A Race to the Bottom”
Jed Nosal

“Smart Grid, Demand Response & Consumers:”Perspectives, Experiences, and Recommendations- Maximizing Value and Ensuring Consumer Protections”
Martin Cohen
Aaron Breidenbaugh

“Telecom Deregulation: All a Matter of Degree”
Lee Selwyn

“Broadband: Where it is, where it ain’t, and where it oughta be”
Susan Baldwin
Sharon Gillett
Debra Berlyn

“New Issues In a Decoupled/Carbon Constrained World”
Barbara Alexander
Cynthia Mitchell

Tuesday, June 30th

“Telcom Deregulation and Rate Increases: Where are we and where do we go from here?”
Trevor Roycroft

“Transmission Planning and Construction: When, Where, How Much and Who Pays”
Fred Plett
David Hadley
John Norden

“Price-Responsive Demand-A Long-Term Bargain for Consumers?”
Paul Sotkiewicz
Sanem Sergici
Joseph Rosenthal

Resolutions Passed at the NASUCA Mid-Year Meeting

FINAL Agenda

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